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Realize innovative thinking 

We ensure that innovation can be achieved faster. Find innovations, grow faster as a start-up or corporate.

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From ideas to innovation

Sharing knowledge on success and failure helps our community to improve their business and results.

Start- and scale-up growth

Any start- or scale-up needs the perfect launching customer to enter the rough innovation market. 

New corporate incubators

Making the most out of every meetup, connecting corporates to start- and scale-ups brings growth for every company.

Location network

Every event is hosted at an inspiring location. The largest innovation office for start- and scale-ups in the world.

We realize pilots

Matching start- or scale-up to a corporate with the aim of creating a pilot. The goal of a pilot is to show the world that this innovation works. Anybody can profit from innovation, as long as it works. In order to do so we need pilots. 

“We match ideas to great company.”

ScienceCup advised us to take certain paths with our business ( that would make our concept more appealing to our customers. They gave us fresh insights, based on vast experience, which we have utilized. We really valued these insights and consider ScienceCup as a very innovative community for start-ups!

John van der Stelt

“Sciencecup has the unique capability to recognize, understand and explain complex business development procedures. They have the ability to understand not just what will make you successful in business in general, but what will help you in the culture you are in right now. They have a sound knowledge of how things work.” 

Mitava Chaturvedi

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Tackle your challenges 

To realize the Pilot, ScienceCup is making the following efforts:


All challenges of the organisation are mapped


A basic pilot is realized and presented


Match is made with a start-up scale that can tackle the challenge


Interests of each party are safeguarded during the pilot