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Realize innovative thinking. It’s not just about technology but always about people.

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In 2014 we realized there was no one stop shop solution for start-ups and scale-ups in need of finances, knowledge and sales support. Many start-ups where located within incubators and scale-ups were joining accelerator programs in the hope of becoming successful.

When ScienceCup started, our goal was to provide financial support, coaching and bring new customers to start-ups and scale-ups. We found out the hard way people only want to be connected to launching customers making the road to success effortless.

The experts behind ScienceCup still are available and help start-ups, scale-ups and corporates with subsidies, patents, legal advice, sales support and strategies and have helped over 10.000 companies combined in since.

“Sciencecup has been extremely helpful focusing on the core issues and steering us in the right direction”

Are you in need of advice? Are you looking for personal advice or support? We help companies on a dedicated base with start-up strategies, pilots, sales, development, subsidies, legal advice, company set-ups and much more. Want to know more about our paid services? Contact us today!

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ScienceCup advised us to take certain paths with our business ( that would make our concept more appealing to our customers. He gave us fresh insights, based on his vast experience, which we have utilized. We really valued his insights and consider him a very talented adviser for start-ups!

John van der Stelt

I have worked with ScienceCup in an intensive session on our new innovative product concept. I was amazed by their ability to interpret all product details and translate them into several unique business propositions. I absolutely recommend business developers and startups to reflect on their business ideas together with ScienceCup.

Bart Verweijen

Sciencecup has the unique capability to recognize, understand and explain complex business development procedures. They have the ability to understand not just what will make you successful in business in general, but what will help you in the culture you are in right now. They have a sound knowledge of how things work. 

Mitava Chaturvedi




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