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As an entrepreneur, knowledge is your greatest strength, together we want to be stronger than ever! Share your knowledge and get knowledge shared about the latest innovations and how you can best deal with them.


Every house needs a foundation to build on. Every innovator must know as a person why he or she stands and how to deal with setbacks. Our foundation training helps people with their personal business development.


Every organization searches for the best ideas. Often, inspiration comes not internally but externally. Most companies think of start-ups and scale-ups. But this causes the largest groups of inspiration to be missed.


You can measure innovation success with a successful Pilot. But how does such a pilot come about? And what is exactly a pilot? A Pilot is a test project in which real suppliers, partners, and customers participate.

NL Innovative Locations

The world has many locations where innovations are created. Here the overview of most locations in the Netherlands. Are you missing a location? Let us know, we will be happy to complete our list.

Hack your business case

Many innovators come up with the most diverse solutions for the same challenge. But so little happens with the business case that is then devised. The challenge is unconventional thinking! But how? And why?


ScienceCup believes knowledge sharing is an important part of innovation. Every person and company acts from their own expertise and experience. ScienceCup complements this through training with the knowledge and…

For us, innovation means more than money, it is the foundation for new opportunities and a growing economy.

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Tackle your challenges 

To realize the Pilot, ScienceCup is making the following efforts:


All challenges of the organisation are mapped


A basic pilot is realized and presented


Match is made with a start-up scale that can tackle the challenge


Interests of each party are safeguarded during the pilot