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As an entrepreneur, knowledge is your greatest strength, together we want to be stronger than ever! Share your knowledge and get knowledge shared about the latest innovations and how you can best deal with them.

Leave the competition behind

Not everyone starts in a virgin market. It goes without saying that every company is unique, but truly unique is not a company. As soon as you succeed, the competitors immediately stand up.

9 steps entrepreneurship

When you start entrepreneurship for the first time or when you have to develop innovations from an employee perspective, good insight and knowing what is coming is important! You can prepare for what is coming…

For us, innovation means more than money, it is the foundation for new opportunities and a growing economy.

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Tackle your challenges 

To realize the Pilot, ScienceCup is making the following efforts:


All challenges of the organisation are mapped


A basic pilot is realized and presented


Match is made with a start-up scale that can tackle the challenge


Interests of each party are safeguarded during the pilot