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ScienceCup believes knowledge sharing is an important part of innovation. Every person and company acts from their own expertise and experience. ScienceCup complements this through training with the knowledge and experience of others. This is how new insights arise!

Our goal is to offer training courses that provide answers to the issues facing most companies, entrepreneurs, managers, and innovators. We have two types of training:

These training courses have been developed not to innovate, but to make the business around it come about. The training courses are given by selected experts with at least 15 years of experience. This is how we ensure quality.

These training courses are always paid for. Most trainings can be given at different locations, provided that the number of participants is sufficient.

Together with corporates and partner trainers, we regularly organize interactive training courses. The partner takes her / his knowledge with him and ScienceCup assists with additional data and insights.

Many of these training courses are free and are given by corporates to join Start-ups. ScienceCup helps with organizing and communicating. Locations are often already fixed.

Do you want to know when which training will take place?

Look now on our calendar when and where the following sessions will be given. Not around? Then maybe a 1 on 1 session is something for you? Or possibly an online seminar?


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Tackle the challenges of your organization

To realize the Pilot, ScienceCup is making the following efforts:


All challenges of the organisation are mapped


A basic pilot is realized and presented


Match is made with a start-up scale that can tackle the challenge


Interests of each party are safeguarded during the pilot